Sunday, February 24, 2008

PR Catch Up

On Friday night I had the pleasure of catching up with some of the CSU 2007 PR Class.
It was great finding out where everyone has landed - from the big international agencies to small specialised boutique agencies. Despite the differences in companies, we all seem to be doing the same thing everyday - media lists and monitoring, basically a whole lot of media relations and research.

Another interesting discussion was the vast spread of salaries that we had and the difference of workloads. The well known agencies tend to work their individuals pretty hard, where as the smaller ones seemed to a have a more relaxed (and perhaps more productive) work environment. It's intriguing to see the employee programs and benefits that exist (from team bonding, massages, expensive birthday presents to free promotional material and concert tickets).

It seemed more people had delved into consumer PR - which we didn't study that much in uni. For the most part, the twenty thousand com strats we did were based upon corporate PR and events, not marketing new products and composing product guides.

The night ended well - organising for our next catch up (right near the majority of our pay days)!