Saturday, August 25, 2007


So it's evident to a couple of my PR friends that i am indeed a hanson fan - i even dragged my buddy Tilly, into a doing an assignment on them in second year.

I've been looking at the way they've been trying to 'reinvent' themselves from a poppy immature 'mmmbop' band to one of an accomplished, independent rock groups.
First they started with a drastic website change, a documentary, podcast, competition in an attempt a creating a buzz online. However, it still seems to me that they've struggled to get anyone other than the fan base interested - sure they've done some interviews with a couple magazines and radio shows - but nothing with any of the mainstream media.

Despite all this emphasis for the online media - it seems that the audience is fairly limited. If there was a way to track the number of people that accessed an article written online accurately or been interested in watching a youtube clip, there could be more of a possibility for hanson to prove that they are becoming more successful and popular. Also they seem to be focusing all their attention on the US press - leaving poor little Australia, Europe & other various countries behind - who all have been looking online at their material but nothing to correspond with in print/broadcast.

As for solutions - it seems hard to list one in less than 20 words - however some of my creative ideas are:
- changing the name of the band
- recording a few songs with either U2/Powderfinger/Muse/Black Eyed Peas
- releasing some hanson themed hair products

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

parliamentary question time

Yesterday I watched Parliamentary Question Time for the whole hour - usually it was snippets of it as I walked through my dorms while I was at uni. My buddy Nick Pearson habitually watched the show every afternoon.

First of all - I was amazed on how the politicians seem to be having fun while answering questions; Howard and Costello were quite a pair of comedians. They skilfully answered questions on pre-selection spendings, IR rollbacks and climate change, while slyly jabbing the opposition while statistics that make the Labor party look flawed in a humorous manner.

I think a high point in viewing the question time was hearing Costello say that "[the liberal gov't are the] greatest environmental government in the history of Australia". This was stated after answering a question on climate change and the budget. It was amazing to see Costello firstly refute the insinuation that climate change is included as a political stunt, then onto list many spendings and initiatives, then onto how Labor government has done nothing and then onto state how successful the Liberal have been as a party in Australia.

Another comical moment was when Anthony Albanese asked whether the PM would be inviting Mr and Mrs Costello after 11 years, to dinner! It brought the house down - Howard said his diary was booked; he was actually attending drinks at the Costello's house.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Student blogging..

I've been searching around the web for good public relations student blogs - those that are updated, have relevant information and valid points.. However, I found on the most part many of the blogs aren't updated frequently enough - emphasising the need for commitment and dedication in setting up one of these crazy things.

I found a couple links that were useful for me to refer back to:
- PR Studies: Guidelines for Student Blogs
- The PR Place - A note to young PR bloggers
- Forward
- Forward Links

Most of them contain a pretty comprehensive list of resources to access on getting involved into the world of blogging.

Next blog: Parliamentary question time review

Thursday, August 9, 2007

environmental scanning, internships & PR

So tomorrow our PR Class has a 200 word environmental scan due - apparently it's a lot more complex than it sounds, or at least that's the impression I'm getting. I guess I'm just not putting that much emphasis on it - probably cos I've been on internship for the last month - yes just about wrapping up my time at a PR agency in North Sydney.

I've had such a great time - they've actually made a conscious effort to make me involved and have the opportunity to be partake in clients/activities that I have an interest in. They've got such a variety of clients and you can tell they are really successful in their campaigns, just running through progress in staff meetings show how well and effective the team of PR practitioners are that they have there. Wow that's enough of my blabbing!

There was an interesting article this week in the SMH on PR and spin, an excerpt from a book written by journalist and public relations analyst Bob Burton. Although the article was on the whole pretty critical of the public relations profession, it's fair to take to into account that it was written by a journalist who has clearly done his research. I also found it interesting that the agency mentioned was one that our class visited on our PR excursion last semester.

Next blog: Since I am a new blogger, I think it's a time for me to collate some good sources/links on how to compose and maintain a student's public relations blog.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

social networking..

first exciting post of the blog - i thought it was rather appropriate to link this with my other networking sites i'm apart of --

My Ragan

More posts on this exciting blog coming soon..