Monday, June 9, 2008

Don't cry for me (because tomorrow I shall be in) Argentina!

A busy day spent packing for an overseas trip is quite an educational experience - not only have I questioned half the pieces of clothing I have purchased, but it really helps to find out what I need to survive. Should I pack a hair dryer? Do I really need 7 pairs of socks? Am I asking rhetorical questions because I've just watched the Sex & the City movie?

My procrastination of planning (how's that for an alliteration!) has culminated in packing this arvo before my flight out to Buenos Aires, where I will spend a solid three months fumbling around the continent with minimal Spanish. Thankfully, the first few weeks of my trip will be based in a language school with my good buddy Bella, hopefully easing some of the communication barriers I can currently foresee...I doubt that "Muchas gracias mono" is going to get me everywhere.

I will try my best to source out the Internet, I have a fear that I could be stuck with nothing, but that's just because I've been reading a lot of articles about the Lost Tribes. I do know the first 6 weeks will be in either Buenos Aires or Mar Del Plata.

A few of my twitter friends have asked if I'll tweeting - and the answer is 'si', I will be sending updates via my mobile phone. It's going to be my main communication channel for family & friends, as the 13 hour time difference might throw a few people off.

Next post: The struggles of communicating in Argentina.