Thursday, September 6, 2007

Politicians guide to surviving The Chaser

I think I've figured out my first way to making thousands of dollars - creating a survival guide for politicians that get approached by The Chaser Team.

Now the contents aren't specific - and it does come to be very specific to each politician. Some possible suggestions - Julian Morrow's random questioning at media conferences could just be the PR team scouting and searching the media pack (if time permits). There could be various other techniques such as humouring or laughing - just not responding to them in a negative manner.

However, its not to say that I don't enjoy a good old laugh when I see the boys terrorizing some evil politician - so this guide will only be provided to a select list.

This may not be needed in the next few weeks however - especially with the recent news of being charged after breaching the new APEC Acts.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

dance monkey dance

I've been surfing the web for interesting videos and this one caught my eye. Neave has always been a really creative and fresh website that I enjoy watching - it's something thats quite different online.

Now how I can relate this to PR is simple - if major corporations made their websites more user-friendly and unique - it would add to a clearer brand portrayal (sort of an IMC approach). In class we've always discussed the need for an overlap, ensuring that the concept is consistently conveyed in all areas (online, print & broadcast) through design/text/theme. If organisations were able to adopt this notion - then they would be able to have a little more fun with their websites like Neave.

It may all come down to users being more selfish or used to self-indulgent webpages - especially with the rapid increase in the uptake of social networking sites (such as myspace and facebook) where individualising your page is a standard tool. This individualising and being able to create an online identity forces organisations to come up with more inventive and alluring webpages, such as Neave, Coca-cola and Nova969. Perhaps there is a future market for identifying how potential clients/customers/audience members perceive websites and how this affects their spendings/attention/future decisions based on their interaction and participation.