Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tweeting about!

Even after reading Wired's claim that blogging is dead, I still felt it was necessary to blog about the wonders of twitter.

Not only has the alleged real Britney signed up, but the Aussie Veronica's and the current Leader of the Opposition, Malcolm Turnbell has joined up too.

If this isn't enough, a recent Australian Top 50 Twitter Influencers released has sent a lot people into a tizz. I'm enjoying the irony of it all - numbers aren't suppose to count in a qualitative relationship based online world, but a lot of people are stressed about their position on this scale. A more thorough and coherent post on this is Alex Manchester's. It is important to have some rank, so you know who to engage with on twitter, particularly the thought leaders who rank in the top 10. However, unless you want to engage with people on twitter, you're not going to get higher up in the ranks.

So I'll be interested to see how Twitter develops from here in Australia, whether people are still battling it to make the Top 50 list and whether more politicians will be stepping up to the plate.