Wednesday, August 15, 2007

parliamentary question time

Yesterday I watched Parliamentary Question Time for the whole hour - usually it was snippets of it as I walked through my dorms while I was at uni. My buddy Nick Pearson habitually watched the show every afternoon.

First of all - I was amazed on how the politicians seem to be having fun while answering questions; Howard and Costello were quite a pair of comedians. They skilfully answered questions on pre-selection spendings, IR rollbacks and climate change, while slyly jabbing the opposition while statistics that make the Labor party look flawed in a humorous manner.

I think a high point in viewing the question time was hearing Costello say that "[the liberal gov't are the] greatest environmental government in the history of Australia". This was stated after answering a question on climate change and the budget. It was amazing to see Costello firstly refute the insinuation that climate change is included as a political stunt, then onto list many spendings and initiatives, then onto how Labor government has done nothing and then onto state how successful the Liberal have been as a party in Australia.

Another comical moment was when Anthony Albanese asked whether the PM would be inviting Mr and Mrs Costello after 11 years, to dinner! It brought the house down - Howard said his diary was booked; he was actually attending drinks at the Costello's house.

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