Tuesday, September 4, 2007

dance monkey dance

I've been surfing the web for interesting videos and this one caught my eye. Neave has always been a really creative and fresh website that I enjoy watching - it's something thats quite different online.

Now how I can relate this to PR is simple - if major corporations made their websites more user-friendly and unique - it would add to a clearer brand portrayal (sort of an IMC approach). In class we've always discussed the need for an overlap, ensuring that the concept is consistently conveyed in all areas (online, print & broadcast) through design/text/theme. If organisations were able to adopt this notion - then they would be able to have a little more fun with their websites like Neave.

It may all come down to users being more selfish or used to self-indulgent webpages - especially with the rapid increase in the uptake of social networking sites (such as myspace and facebook) where individualising your page is a standard tool. This individualising and being able to create an online identity forces organisations to come up with more inventive and alluring webpages, such as Neave, Coca-cola and Nova969. Perhaps there is a future market for identifying how potential clients/customers/audience members perceive websites and how this affects their spendings/attention/future decisions based on their interaction and participation.

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