Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Having seen this ad on television a few thousand times I'd thought i'd make a quick blog about it. In essence, the ad is using sexual innuendo to encourage those to believe speeding is indicative of size.

I found this ad to be targeting men, which I'm assuming is the more likely sex to be involved with car accidents. The comments made from this blog post made this ad more interesting.

The general consenus was that there needed to be a change in awareness of drivers - which perhaps could be influenced by a campaign that is not just based on TVC's, but online media as well. This concept certainly attracted international press - both Washington Post and BBC discussed the story, using it to challenge their current speeding advertisments.

However, if there was more emphasis on attracting a wider audience through using facebook and other community sites, this would have been even more effective in broadcasting across this message.

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