Monday, June 1, 2009

Australia’s digital divide: Some thoughts on the media

After seeing this tweet on Twitter, I started to think about the different levels of access Australian’s have in regards to published/broadcasted material:

Of course, most Internet users have access to illegal streaming and download sites, but Australians don’t have a third party website that allows to stream shows for free. Itunes Australia provides some free content, including video podcasts, and Youtube can be used for some programs, but most Australian programs are very hard to access legally online.

The ABC allows streaming of previous episodes, as do some of the commercial stations like Channel 9 and Channel 10, but not without a myriad of advertisements in place. Networks will be forced to create legal avenues for users to view programs, otherwise users will continue to access illegal sites.

It is obvious that Australia is behind the US in terms of access, both the access to the Internet and sites like Hulu, but nowhere near developing countries that are not even yet online. The NBN seems like a nice idea in theory, but it is evident the Federal Government have not invested enough research or thought into developing a well structured program for all Australians. Check out what the Liberals have to say.

I’ve come across some well written posts on these topics which both highlight the concern for the adoption of NBN and the ramifications for consumers.


Daisy said...

wait a minute ... what did that youtube clip have to do with your post?? it's ok - I loved it anyway. AND it totally makes me want to try a bunch of crazy random things. We should make a list and you and I can do a bunch of them together. :-) (assuming you were also inspired and that's why you posted the video.)

Lou Veyret said...

Hahah The video was showing the content available online from ABC...dah Daisy ;)

Yes definitely - list is needed!!

willson said...

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