Saturday, August 25, 2007


So it's evident to a couple of my PR friends that i am indeed a hanson fan - i even dragged my buddy Tilly, into a doing an assignment on them in second year.

I've been looking at the way they've been trying to 'reinvent' themselves from a poppy immature 'mmmbop' band to one of an accomplished, independent rock groups.
First they started with a drastic website change, a documentary, podcast, competition in an attempt a creating a buzz online. However, it still seems to me that they've struggled to get anyone other than the fan base interested - sure they've done some interviews with a couple magazines and radio shows - but nothing with any of the mainstream media.

Despite all this emphasis for the online media - it seems that the audience is fairly limited. If there was a way to track the number of people that accessed an article written online accurately or been interested in watching a youtube clip, there could be more of a possibility for hanson to prove that they are becoming more successful and popular. Also they seem to be focusing all their attention on the US press - leaving poor little Australia, Europe & other various countries behind - who all have been looking online at their material but nothing to correspond with in print/broadcast.

As for solutions - it seems hard to list one in less than 20 words - however some of my creative ideas are:
- changing the name of the band
- recording a few songs with either U2/Powderfinger/Muse/Black Eyed Peas
- releasing some hanson themed hair products

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