Friday, January 25, 2008

can the others catch up?

I've been reading lots and lots of blogs lately, and having fun finding new ones. I've also been showing family and friends about the different capabilities of web 2.0.

I know that I'm quite capable of showing them how to set up an igoogle page, using Rss feeds and readers, searching for blogs and establishing them. However, it concerns me that in my experience, there is so much to be learnt and many of my friends have no idea about these new technologies and tools. Sure everyone has a facebook page, but thats pretty much it.

So when I'm explaining to someone who knows nothing about web 2.0, the first thing I show them is this video. It makes all the jargon a lot more simplified, and explaining blogs and RSS a lot more easier to comprehend.

The next stage though - engaging and 'joining in the conversation' comes just after listening and reading - which is a stage I still think I'm at. However, knowing how fast everything moves online is it shouldn't take long.