Friday, April 11, 2008

The Glenn Wheatley saga..

Working in a PR agency, it doesn't take you long to discover that to get coverage in the media, the process involves merely more than an email, it's follow up calls and chasing.

So when I saw this article of Glenn Wheatley on, I thought perhaps the release must have had something meaty in it, so I checked out the fake release - but no, it was the usual scandalous, gossip focused story, aimed on the attracting the attention of the celebrity- driven, reality-television-watching teenages and young adults.

Judging by google news, the list of major metropolitan papers that picked up the story was huge!

I guess it's pretty easy to figure out what the media is after! But more importantly, it highlights the need for journalists to verify data - especially surrounding stories that can possibly tarnish the reputation of individuals and organisations.

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