Saturday, April 12, 2008


The writer's strike early this year in the states didn't really effect (or affect, I never really know!) my television viewing. Australia was actually lucky for being so behind in the overseas sitcoms and dramas. This was probably due to the Aussie programmers of specific networks, delaying episodes so the Aussie audiences aren't left hanging.. (continuity in ratings may play its part too!)

It's actually so well planned that I shouldn't be disrupted in Grey's Anatomy viewing! Although I get my weekly enjoyment on Sunday nights of delayed episodes, I've started to think that despite it being full of soap operatic relationships, complex medical procedures and an awesome soundtrack, I found I still miss the complex dialogue of Dawson's Creek.

Take this clip for example - a whole montage of "seriously's"..

I'm finding that the more I watch this addicting drama, the more I begin to talk like the characters on the show. I guess it's better than my Sex and the City phase, where all my stories in my journalism class were "I couldn't help but wonder"!


Anonymous said...

The best example to me of a TV character influencing the way we speak is Chandler on "Friends" -- "Could you BE any more [whatever]".

The writers' strike didn't affect us too much here but I think it has had an effect on the quality of shows -- I think some of the episodes were clearly written in a hurry.

Lou said...

Haha - yes that Friends line is an absolute favourite!!

Yeah that's certainly true about the episodes - there's a Scrubs episode that was written in Season 7 that was purely montages.