Sunday, May 11, 2008

Holy Moly - Catholic Facebook!

The latest news this week was that the Pope & The Catholic Church are going to create a social network (like Facebook) as the central communication channel for World Youth Day. He'll also be sending inspiration holy text messages to those participating, as well as hosting digital prayers walls.

I guess this doesn't surprise me much - considering that social networks are really just specialised groups targeting people with specific interests - collating everything together just makes more sense. It's great to see this happening, especially within our beautiful country!

A few posts ago I mentioned that if social media is to become adopted by Australian organisations, more coverage is needed in traditional press. Well it seems to be heading that way, not just World Youth Day branching out online - the front page of AFR was a story on Woolworths planning some Facebook involvement.

I guess now it's just more discussion and research into specific ways Australian businesses can target online audiences.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of religion going digital, have you seen this site where people confess online, anonymously?

Lou Veyret said...

Had a quick look at the blog - I'd still be worried at someone tracking me down!!