Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Strewth - Check out these little beauties!

In my usual meandering online, pottering about and dabbling with new sites, I've come across some pretty useful online tools. Some of these have been around for awhile, and I may be a little slow off the mark, but bear with me - you may not have seen all of them!

The first site is Dipity, who I discovered through a tweet from @bmoyle (Joffre Street Productions).
Dipity is "the easiest way to make and share interactive timelines about the people and things you care about".

I can see these being very useful for monitoring and evaluating online campaigns for both individuals and organisations - it's easy to submit a RSS feed from any site and track what they're posted up.

The next site which I've actually known about for awhile is SlideShare. Most recently, I've been looking at the slides of a presentation done by Seb Chan, a blogger for The Powerhouse Museum, fresh + new(er).
His presentation covered the important aspects of social media & government, it was a really great view - the images & included social media content really show some of the amazing work being done at the Powerhouse Museum.

Bloggerati Australia has been around for a couple years, as I checked out in the FAQ - but haven't only just come across it recently. It's hosted by the popular, Laurel Papworth, most famous for her appearance on the Today Show...I jest ;) It's got over 43,000 members, so definitely of worth to news chasers, public relations professionals & all those concerned with the media..

Finally, for those lacking the understandings of Aussie slang, go and follow AussieSlang on Twitter. Though they can be a bit on the rude side, I'll suggest you go and check out the link, rather than me chucking some of their updates on my polite blog ;)


Roge said...

Hi Lou,

Love the Aussie Slang - though perhaps not the most eye-opening or career-developing application, certainly good for a hearty ol' Aussie chuckle every morning.

You're no doubt a Bathurst girl at heart ;)

Anonymous said...

Cheers thanks for reminding me of my country roots Roge - although I was only there for 2.5 years!!